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SHOT MIXTURE GOURMET 40g x6 units $ 27,132 - x12 units $ 54,264

Enjoy the best of nuts in a practical presentation of 40 gr.

Ideal to carry in your bag and consume when you need a “Shot” of energy and vitality !

Product description

Nuts are ideal to consume as snacks (mid-morning or mid-afternoon), since their fatty acid content calms the feeling of anxiety, they have a delicious flavor and come in adequate portions (40g) to consume in one day.

The WHO and nutritionists recommend an intake of between 30g and 50g of nuts per day for the proper functioning of the cardiovascular system.

At Nutrisano, we are aware of the importance of consuming nuts, but in APPROPRIATE PORTIONS and SUGARFREE (less candied or with chemicals), since they are foods with a high caloric load, so our body needs them in low doses.

Content: The most delicious mix of nuts WITHOUT SUGAR – WITHOUT SALT – WITHOUT PRESERVATIVES. Almonds, Brazil nuts, blueberries and raisin mix.

Packing: 40 gr unit comes in Half dozen: 6 shots – Dozen: 12 shots.

How is it consumed? : Uncover and that's it! Enjoy... Just like that, you can mix it in granola for breakfast, with oatmeal, parfraits, as toppings for waffles, desserts or cookies.

Shelf life: 8 months

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