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SHOT CEREAL QUINOA CHOCOLATE 15g x6 units $11,970 - x12 units $23,940

The shots Chocolate Quinoa Cereal are simply, the best invention !

A mid-morning in your bag that comes pre-portioned (15 gr), to which you just add yogurt, milk or fruits and that's it!

Product description

Quinoa cereal is a new option for him breakfast , and better yet, in individual presentations that you can carry with you and consume when you are out of trouble or can't find a mid-morning that offers you energy and vitality .

Content: Crispy quinoa cereal with chocolate flavor.

Packaging: 15 gr unit (approximate weight), which comes in half a dozen: 6 shots – Dozen: 12 shots

How is it consumed? It comes for immediate consumption, you can take it in one bite or enjoy it with milk, yogurt, or smoothies.

Shelf life: 6 months

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