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SHOT PISTACHIO 40g x6 units $ 44,982 - x12 units $ 89,964

Not only are they a food rich in nutrients, but also the perfect ally in sports diets to increase muscle performance .

They are highly beneficial for people with diabetes and contain vitamin A , selenium and natural antioxidants .

Pistachio shots are ideal to take to university, school, gym or in your bag, since you can consume them immediately.

Product description

Pistachios are a dried fruit with a delicious flavor, which comes covered by a shell that allows it to concentrate all its nutrients and when roasted enhances its flavor. They are perfect for calm anxiety , and in shots they are already dosed so as not to ingest extra calories.

Content: Roasted pistachio with salt.

Packaging: 40 gram unit, which comes in half a dozen: 6 shots – Dozen: 12 shots

How is it consumed? It is now for immediate consumption, its shell must be removed to remove the fruit.

Shelf life: 6 months

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