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When we pass the age of 25 – 30, our body decreases collagen production, so it is ideal to include it in our diet to prevent sagging skin and an early onset of arthritis.

Product description

Collagen is one of the main proteins in our body and the most abundant, representing about 65% of our total protein .

Collagen is a tissue that is found in most of our body, this includes: Heart, lungs, arteries, skin , muscles, bones , cartilage, joints , nails, prostate and as the years go by we stop producing collagen, so Any of these systems can be affected.

To be absorbed by our body, collagen must go through a hydrolysis process, which is a breakdown of molecules, and achieve more than 90% absorption .

Its frequent consumption allows our body to regain flexibility and improve the appearance of our skin, nails and hair.


Find in this presentation of 150 grams the recommended consumption for approximately 20 days. And carry the collagen shots with you for when you leave the house.

Content: Hydrolyzed collagen

Packaging: 150 gram airtight bag.

How is it consumed? Mix a small spoonful in drinks.

Shelf life: 48 months.

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