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SHOT HYDROLIZED COLLAGEN 20g x6 units $ 25,704 - x12 units $ 51,408

The multiple benefits of hydrolyzed collagen make it a protein that cannot be missing on a daily basis.

Let's remember that after the age of 25 we stop producing 1% of natural collagen per year, which is why we must include it in our diet.

Product description

Practical shots of hydrolyzed collagen to carry in your bag or take to the gym and consume with the drinks of the day.

Collagen is one of the largest proteins in our body and is responsible for the vitality of the skin, flexibility, joints and nail and hair growth.

Content: Hydrolyzed collagen

Packaging: 20 gr unit, which comes in half a dozen: 6 shots – Dozen: 12 shots

How is it consumed? Its content is dissolved in juices, coffee, water or drinks, preferably in the morning.

Shelf life: 48 months

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