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A functional combination that with its contribution of calcium contributes to the strengthening of bones and the benefits of oats that help us improve our digestion .

Arepa with Toasted sesame and oats, an excellent source of fiber and calcium to start the days with the traditional arepa and the most nutritious of cereals.

Packaging: Flexible vacuum-packed bag with zipper (closure for greater conservation and hygiene).

Preparation: Grill or toaster oven for 3 minutes on both sides and that's it! Enjoy them with your favorite companions.


  • Refrigerated: 30 days
  • Frozen: 90 days
  • Before freezing:
  • 1. Open the package so that it loses the vacuum
  • 2. Move slightly to separate from each other
  • 3. Put in the freezer
  • 4. Defrost 3 hours before consuming

All our products are free of sugar, salt and preservatives

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